Darshan Academy, Rathonda

Dr. Arindam Mohanta

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. I am looking forward to another wonderful school year at Darshan Academy, Rathonda, Milak, Rampur, UP. A new year is a time to reflect and count our blessings for returning to school and learning together.

Darshan Academy, Rathonda, under Darshan Education Foundation, is a school with a tradition of excellence where children are the focus. I am very impressed to see a hunger for learning among the students.

We want students to be independent learners and emerge as leaders in society and the organisations they serve, upholding the principles of ethical values, integrity and high expectations. We want them to be good decision-makers and problem solvers.

As soon as one enters the school premises, one can sense the responsibility of nurturing every child’s dreams and every parent’s wishes. Every teacher in the school ensures that students enjoy their academic flight filled with activities and meaningful learning experiences.

The curricular, co-curricular and spiritual activities give every child an opportunity to showcase their hidden talent and develop their personality holistically. Children get a chance to participate in sporting activities that help them be healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The school offers professional development for teachers to keep them abreast with 21st-century teaching strategies and learning needs.

At Darshan Academy, Rathonda, we create an atmosphere in which children’s ideas blossom and students can try out new ideas and experiment. We allow our students to help the community, promote national integration, develop respect and understanding of different beliefs, ideas, and cultures and elevate spiritual education. We at Darshan Academy Rathonda hope to nurture every talent to make students very exceptional people in the world.


Dr. Arindam Mohanta