Darshan Academy, Rathonda

Inter-house Carrom Championship

Carrom is an ancient game that requires skill, practice, determination, and physical and mental skills. Aiming precision and eye-hand coordination are necessary to master this indoor game. An inter-house carrom championship was held on August 22 and 23, 2022, for girls and boys from I to VI classes. Two girls and two boys were selected from each class and house for the semi-finals. They used all their skill to shoot the pieces into the right pockets on the board. In the finals, children gave their best to sink all of their pieces before their opponent managed to sink theirs. There was a tug of war among all the houses in the first place. However, Compassion House showed excellent performance by getting 100 points. Peace House got the second position with 90 points. The third position went to Service House scoring 60 points. Anshika, Sunaina and Rajat of Peace House, Arpit and Aditya of Service House, and Arjun of Compassion House showed their best skills in helping their respective houses. Fifty-six students participated in this competition.


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